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27 Awesome Vertical Market Templates - Special Pricing for a Limited Time - Save $1,250

Our Website templates are designed with “Call to Action" on each Page. So, when it comes to lead generation, it’s all about the calls, right?

Don’t want to leave anything to chance, and want to make it as easy as possible for prospective customers to be able to call you.

We install a “Click-2-Call” on mobile devices, which is nothing new, and we added this to the themes so you can set a single phone number to be dialed from every page on yoursite, or if you want separate “Click-2-Call” numbers for each city or category we cna do that as well.

But what about those website visitors who are using desktop computers?

Well, that's covered too! “Call Now” feature allows you to connect your site up with your account and will automatically connect your client’s phone number to that of the customer with a “click of a button”.

We offer low cost hosting of your site or you can host it yourself. At BroadMoar we can handle it all.

What you get is an awesomely design site for your niche.

1- We upload to your WordPress site or we can host it on our site. $50/mo

2- We will add your logo to the site and all your business information and social media links.

3- We add schema markup, to help the search engines return more informative results for users.

4- We will run one massive page campaign for you with a set 10 mile radius.

Available Add-on: We can also build matching landing page in cities around you, we can add your geo locations that we either add via Google's API or use your own list of cities

27 Vertical Markets

Personal Injury Attorney | Divorce Attorney | Chiropractor | Dental

Pest Control | Locksmith | Roofer | Water Damage Repair | Carpet Cleaning

Electrician | Handyman | HVAC Contractor | Lawn Maintenance | Garage Door Repair | Plumber

Window Company | House Cleaning Company | Appliance Repair | Painting & Decorating

Pressure Washing | Remodeling Contractor | Tree Services

Auto Repair | Pet Spa | Photographer | Web Agency | Wedding Planner