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Local Search Strategy


You see the more sites that accurately list your business information, the more likely it is that you’ll be found by customers searching for businesses similar yours.

You may have heard about the 100-plus local directories on the internet, and you’ve probably been told that you should claim your business listing on those sites.  But you still might be thinking: Why? I already have a website and a social media profile or two — why does it matter if you’re listed on a bunch of other sites?

The answer is simple: Customers! The more sites that accurately and consistently list your business information, the more likely it is that you’ll be found by more customers.   These online directories are the digital equivalent of the phone book or years past, except it’s no longer enough to be listed in one phone book. You need to be listed in all the phone books.

Here are 5 key reasons why these listings are so important to small business owners.

1) Being in the Top-200  Directories will Boost Your Local Search Ranking

When search engines especially Google crawl the web, they look for your business’ name, address and phone number (NAP).  Even slight variations, like an abbreviated street address or alternate phone number, or a phone number area code that does not match the business location signal to search engines that your business might not be legit.  When your NAP information is consistent in every citation, on or off your site, search engines will see your business listing as credible and a business they can trust.  Also using our local search program to boost your ranking in search results will earn a place in Google’s Local 3-Pack.

2) Build Consistent Contact Information

Consistency isn’t just key to search engines and directories. It’s also important to your customers.

What happens when a customer finds an outdated phone number for your business and the line is disconnected?

Or they try to visit your storefront but find the door locked because it’s your old location?

That customer is going to think you are unprofessional and disorganized, and they’re not going to give you another chance and take their business to your competitor. You need to make sure that customers find your correct phone number and address every time they search, no matter what site they’re using.

3) Secure Your Business’ Reputation

It’s not enough to have all your local listings 100% correct.  You also need to “lock” those listings to make sure they don’t change again. What if an unscrupulous competitor claimed your listing and replaced your phone number with theirs. Locking your business listings is key to protecting your reputation and securing your business’ online identity.  BroadMoar’s Directory Service works with aggregators that scrape government documents and other public data sources. This information is often wrong and outdated, but it could be used to overwrite your listing but we work with these aggregators to proactively give them the correct business information.

4) Get More Online Traffic

When your online business listings are correct and consistent, it signals to search engines that your business can be trusted and worthy of traffic.  And when major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing trust your business, more customers will see it in the search results, resulting in a lot more visitors and traffic to your site.  This also applies to the featured placements like Google’s Local 3-Pack, Google Maps, and key placements in mobile searches.

5) Get the Phone Ringing

Most web searches today are done on smartphones. When a customer finds your business listing in a mobile search, they are just as likely to call your phone number as they are to visit your location or website. That’s super news for business owners — but only if customers find your correct phone number and your website is mobile optimized. As you can see updating all your local business listings should be a mission critical action for you. It is the only way to make sure customers connect with you every single time.

There are 1,000’s maps, apps, and local directories that list your business information.  Claiming and correcting your information on all sites would take a very long time.  BroadMoar makes it easy!  We can help to fix your business listing everywhere it appears and needs to be based on your industry, and we’ll lock those business listings to secure your business identity. Make sure customers find the real you, every time and everywhere they search.

What do customers find when they search for your business? Order a comprehensive audit report from BroadMoar to see ALL of your business’ online listings.

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