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An American, an Armenian, and a Puerto Rican met at IBM; and later that night at a bar...

That's how our story starts in Boston 2002. We are all good friends and work colleagues from IBM Global Services who go

way back.  After a more than a few late nights and a few drinks later,  we decided that it was time for something different.

Time for a new style of consulting, something really different and clever.  Something way beyond the usual paper-pushing, box-ticking, checklist-managing blandness that had crept into the consulting industry.

So we created it...

We pooled our strengths and collective years of project management experience to create a new consulting firm that helps

our existing clients.  Then in late 2015, we decided to create new consulting group for small businesses...we called it

BroadMoar Consulting Group. Our aim is to deliver incredible results for clients while still having a huge amount of fun. We understand advising our clients is serious business, but it should be the kind of business that makes you want to leap out

of bed in the morning looking forward to the next challenge. We want you to enjoy the journey too.

We love problem-solving, thinking creatively, being a few (important) steps ahead, combining our experience and our

gut instinct, creating the buzz in the room and delivering real measurable value.

Your valued project needs creative and dynamic thinking and a professional team.

We are that team!

We're in this together and this is how it all started...

BroadMoar Consulting Group is America's Small Business consulting firm.  We work with small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions into actions and deliver the sustainable success they desire.  For more than 12 years, we have been passionate about small businesses in America, achieving better results for our clients.

In the years since, BroadMoar Consulting Group has expanded our focus to apply our "when it really matters" mindset, honed in on urgent situations, to the high-level, high-stakes matters that materially affect the future of a business.  Today, we partner with owners and management of both healthy and challenged companies across many industries.  BroadMoar has built a legacy of pursuing the highest standards of excellence in all areas of our business. We have achieved this by remaining focused on the processes, people, products and technology – and by adhering to our Core Values of Commitment, Professionalism, Teamwork, Common Sense, Personal Respect, and Communication.

The advantage BroadMoar has is its "IP" Intellectual Property we brought from our Fortune 100/500 consulting firms.  Our consultant come from some of the top consulting firms like IBM Global, PWC and BCG.   We have many specialized consultants with "Niche" skills which we have developed into product offerings called modules.  These modules allow us to react to almost any clients obstacles around many industries.  These modules create high-value with minimum financial impact. Our consultants are trained to pull our assets and team together providing business owners a cohesive team approach.  This really gives BroadMoar the unfair advantage over our competition.

BroadMoar business consultants help small and medium businesses fundamentally redesign experiences to create new sources of revenue and drive greater value.

"We'll show you what you're missing; in dollars and missed opportunities..."

The BroadMoar Advantage

We are a team of creative advisors helping businesses large and small.

If our professional team cannot help you, we will steer you to someone who can...

Meet Bobby Richardson, MBC, CPM

     •     An idea guy

     •     Creative thinker

     •     Clever

     •     Always thinking

     •     Never accepts mediocre

     •     Funny

     •     Renaissance man

     •     Loves baseball

Meet Harry Kaplan, CPM

     •     Analytical thinker

     •     Numbers guy

     •     Deep thinker

     •     People focused

     •     Upbeat

     •     Team builder

     •     Loves soccer

Meet Richard Roddy

•     Smooth operator

•     Client handler

•     Always on

•     Problem solver

•     Forever young

•     Wannabe hipster

•     Wine lover

•     Avid hockey fan

A big-picture, (extremely) commercial project director, Bobby loves large or complex projects that take some thinking through and working out. He particularly enjoys spotting value that no-one else has noticed…

He’s been told (maybe only once) that he leads from the front at both project and board level. What’s less debate-able is that he has worked in marketing, senior client director, consultant and CEO roles for over 35 years. Bobby worked at Apple Computer, and IBM Global Services and brings his experiences and talents as he manages BroadMoar's SMB Group.

If you need clever ideas and someone to make it all happen, he is your man.

Bobby's speaks a conferences and workshops in the U.S. & Internationally.

Harry is a highly motivated and results focused leader with a proven track record in project delivery on-budget spanning 21 years.  Harry manages the large projects in the fortune 1000 space.

Experienced in senior roles across several industry sectors including residential, retail, commercial, aviation, statistics, infrastructure, broadcasting, education.

Always focused on his client's business drivers, Harry has a passion and keen focus on building team engagement and individual engagement in support of successful project outcomes.

Rick has over 20 years experience in client consulting and marketing roles across a wide range of sectors including Restaurant, Retail, Sports, Office, and Hospitality.

Rick is very skilled at developing project delivery strategies that deliver real value for clients, while also minimizing the risk.

Rick manages the large franchise hospitality side of the business.

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Bobby Richardson, BroadMoar Consulting Group
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