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Our "AI-ALICE" system generates massive amounts of traffic to your website or landing page.  We can build a sales funnel to refine the search to whatever level of lead you need.

We are seeing 300% plus results...what can we do for your lead generation efforts?

Introducing "ALICE", our artificial intelligence tool; It's our Watson (IBM's AI tool).  "ALICE" searches the web for people looking to buy your product or service.  We focus our searches on high buyer intent language and methods buyers use to search for a product, service or brand.

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Looking for a way to generate better leads to sell?  Stop with the old method and get fresh high buyer intent leads instantly.

More Information coming soon:  We are producing a commercial to tell you more about "ALICE" until then contact us at contact@broadmoar consulting.com or talk to a BroadMoar Expert in you market.

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Introducing "ALICE" our Artificial Intelligence Tool

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