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FIRE your Advertising Agency NOW, Save $1,000...annually.   Ask Us How!

Traditional advertising agencies are brokers that place your ads for large fees, and almost all of the cannot or will not show you the (ROI) of return on Investment you get from their service.

At BroadMoar Consulting we focus the CORE issues you need to accomplish with traditional advertising.  At BroadMoar we believe that most advertising is a true waste of your marketing budget if not done correctly with measured ROI.  Most businesses need to first market their business properly to have any advertising convert to revenue.  I do use the word marketing which includes advertising and most business owners think they are one in the same.

- Marketing is the study and management of creating reactions and experiences for your potential customers. Marketing is used to create, keep and satisfy the customer need for your product or service. With the your defined customer as the only focus of its activities.  Marketing combines all the  activities of a company associated with buying and selling a product or service. It includes advertising, selling, delivering and if needed implementation products to your clients.

- Advertising: The purpose of an ad may be to raise awareness (brand advertising), or to elicit an immediate sale of a product or service.


     - Build Strong Organic Local Search Focus

     - Run a Comprehensive Audit understand the current status of your business' online presence

     - Branding Your Practice into a "Trusted Resource"

     - Professional Profile Production for Attorneys (See Below)

     - Review Videos by former clients, review are key but Video Reviews are GOLDEN. (See Below)

Professional Profile Highlights:

- Use in Social Media Campaigns or "Brand Awareness"

- Use as a TV Spot

- Professional Created, in stunning Hi-Definition

- 100% Custom Filmed at Your Location or our Studio

Professional Profile Highlights: Hispanic/Latino Community

Professionally Produced Commercials:

- Use in Social Media Campaigns or "Brand Awareness"

- Use as a TV Spot

- Professional Created, in stunning Hi-Definition

- We add your branding to the commercials below, saving

    you thousands in production cost.

Professional Branding/Lead Generation

Review Video Highlights:

- 72% of people survey would call based on a Video Review

- Shows credibility over the competition

- Professional Created, optimized and syndicated to the web

- Affordable, Custom one of a kind Video

Professional Video Production Services