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Mobile Comparison

Mobile Ready is not Mobile Optimized!

New Trends in Online

Website Prospect Behavior that will be Impacting Your Online Brand

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Nearly 8 in10 customers would stop engaging with content that does not display well on their mobile device

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The Enemy of

The Conversion is


Why is it that #1 Thing a Business needs to get, which is More Leads,

and the Website…isn’t Designed to Generate Leads?

96% of People that go to the Website Never Call or Contact the business!

Most websites are designed like brochures, they aren’t designed to do anything except sit there and be read. Which when on a mobile device can lead to a terrible experience.

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We Do Not Want

Visitors to Just Read,

We Want Them To

Visit Our Site to

Funnel Them into


And Convert them into


We want them to Click, Opt-in, Call or Buy

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1 Page

Your Story is Clear

User Friendly Scrolling Navigation

Funneling Them to Take Action

Split Testing

6-10 Call To Actions

Mobile Friendly (60% of Traffic)

Track Conversion


Multiple Pages

Your Story is Confusing

Hard To Navigate: Lost of Clicking

No Clear Action Steps

No Ability to Split Test

Almost no Calls To Actions

Not Mobile Friendly (60% of Traffic)

Hard To Track Conversion

No offer Just a “Contact Us”

Which is more engaging?

Standard Website

Story Boarded Site that Brands, Converts and Sells

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Want To Know The Secret Of How a Marketing Funnel Page

Helps You Drive Results?

Decades of experience have led to this point, we have built an innovative platform that visualizes the buying process of your customers and provides you the insights to continually improve their experience.

Getting Leads

Whether you have already built your lead list or you are just getting started. Funnel Pages is uniquely setup to help you reach your best customer.

Automating Your Funnel 

Ready for getting leads in your sleep? Funnel Pages uses your unique story to connect with those looking for you and getting them to take action.

Creating An Offer

As your users work their way through your funnel, Funnel Pages helps you to see their path and guide your users to making a purchase.

Recurring Orders

A funnel wouldn’t be complete without the ability to create recurring purchases. Your sleep just got a whole lot more profitable.

57% Of All US Online Traffic Now

Comes From Mobile Devices

Ref: BrightEdge

Did you know? 88% of consumers who search for a type of business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours. 

Ref: nectafy

If a visitor is having a terrible experience with you before you even meet them, what is that doing for your business? Our Marketing Funnel is setup to change how websites are architected. Every detail is designed to help visitors "take action" by either clicking, subscribing/opt-in, calling or making a purchase.

We didn’t stop there, All of the actions visitors take are tracked including where the action took place on the page to give you valuable insights, so you too can take action!

One important detail is we can Split-Test our sites for constant improvement...

You can't split test a 10+ page website.

How Many Leads Did You Get While You Were Asleep Last Night?

When was the last time you received a lead from your website? If it wasn’t multiple last night while you were sleeping, then it is time to upgrade. We show you how with our Marketing Funnel System and we guide you every step of the way. Our formula isn’t an elusive process that is always one step away, it is a strategy built on years of success that helps guide every step of you funnel flow to profitability.  Best of all no expensive out-sourceing or buying cold worthless leads.

Almost 60% of Users on Mobile Devices Say Scrolling is More Convenient with the Thumb... Clicking is Not.

Scrolling is More Intuitive

Because of Social Media Sites Like Facebook and eCommerce Stores Like Amazon

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