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Over the past five years, with Covid and losing two partners to retirement, we have been seeking new Managing Partners for these  and other business offerings.  These include our Beverage Coffee & Tea Education Business,  Consulting BroadMoar Academy, Press Release "ImagineerPress" Business, our Twitter "Leads from Tweet" Social Media Marketing Company, and The Commercial Real Estate Group.  We also have URL Businesses for sale in the Bamboo Bedding Industry,

At BroadMoar, we have been helping business owners grow their businesses for over 20 years. These and other businesses are in lock-step with our consultants and complement services that our consultants can cross-market.  Inother words, we created these business opportunities.  We need to train to support our consultants at BroadMoar and support other consulting or marketing agencies.

We Created These Businesses

To Compliment our Consulting Team

Starting Your Own Business That Comes with Strong Mentorship

These businesses include:

1. Beverage Coffee and Tea Education Business "American Coffee Intitiute"

2. BroadMoar Academy - (We own the URL but the site is not developed)

3. ImagineerPress - Creating Press Releases for Business Owners -

4. "Leads from Tweets" Social Media Marketing Company

URLS For Sale or Partner

5. "Kings of Bamboo" With the explosion of Bamboo-related Product, this needs the right owner

We will teach you the BusinessDifferent” methodology we created. BroadMoar is also the creator of FranchiseDifferent, MarketDifferent and BrandDifferent as well as many others. These were created by Former Apple Marketing Executive Bobby Richardson, a managing partner at BroadMoar.

If you feel you might be the person we are looking for in any of these opportunities and if you are interested in having a conversation to learn more, contact us on email:

Our Advisors will help you to evaluate which Business

is right for you and your family.

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