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Bill Kingsbury

Managing Consultant - Hilton Head, SC

(843) 547-3559

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Did you know that….

Businesses listed on the first page of Google receive almost 95% of web traffic!

Over 70% of that traffic goes to the top 3 listings known as the Google 3-Pack.

This means if your business isn’t listed in Google 3-Pack and you are not on Page One of a Google Search then you’re practically invisible to online customers looking to purchase your services or products.  We have a system for that!

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"After investing in a Retail Sales workshop our margins have gotten better, the peaks and valleys have leveled off, our invoice totals have grown, and our cash flow has improved tremendously"

P Arnesen - Hardware Store Franchise owner

"After 70 years of being in the service business, our company decided to reach out to BroadMoar.  The program and methods were easily to implement and understood by our new and existing field reps"

J Miles - Electrical / HVAC Contractor

"You are basically guaranteed an immediate return on your investment.  The marketing team respected and related to Bobby. He is not only the best choice, he is the only choice"

T Rawlins - C-Store Chain Owner

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BroadMoar's Branding, Lead Generating Selling Machine

We will brand your business, generate more leads and convert your visitors into prospects and a funnel them into Buying Customers... Learn More

Reputation Report

Our Certified Team

Knows How To

Generate More Traffic & Revenue

To generate traffic and convert those customers starts with our two phase proprietary process.  It's no longer the website or SEO Ranking... it is all about getting you the visibility and building your company's reputation.

Phase #1 Build Your Visibility in the Top-200 Directories

Getting traffic is all about being found where the people searching for your product or service.  We look at the places, directories, where your customers are searching and make sure you are found. Once you start getting leads...how do you convert them into customers?  

Phase #2 Manage, Build & Marketing Your Reputation

Over 92% of consumers now read online reviews first!  Having a 5-star reputation is more important than ever...our proprietary system "Reputation Marketing" is a 3 stage process to manage, build and market your reputation.

Phase # 3 Customer Service (Compounding the Revenue)

Once you are generating traffic and revenue with the first 2 phases; let's learn how to compound the revenue!   We CREATED a  PROVEN SYSTEM for that as well!  Our system has been time tested and proven for over 25 years.

1)  Attract New Customers to use or come to your business (Phase 1 & 2)

2)  Now you need a System to Get those Customers Coming Back more often

3)  And a System to Get those Customers Buying More on each visit

Talk to one of our certified advisors in your area and have them give you a Reputation and Visibility Audit a $297 Value at no cost to you.

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