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Intense Problem Solving Value-Packed with Minimal Investment

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Two days of intense problem solving with one of our consultants.  A value-packed consulting project with minimal investment.

Bobby Richardson a senior consultant and a managing partner with BroadMoar Consulting, with over 25 years of experience with Apple Computer and IBM Global Services, will spend a minimum of two-days with you and your staff identifying goals and correcting issues that affect your business profitability and revenue.  

If we need to bring any other subject matter experts we will use  bring them into the engagement once the 2-day assessment is complete.  Our clients usually select the areas of concern they wish to focus on; although we generally uncover other issues that also need corrected. 

We will work closely with business owners, management team, and your staff to make this a valuable and fast-paced event.

Our clients typically come away with savings of at least 4-6 times the cost of this service.

Intense 2 Day Profit Tune-Up

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2-Day Profit Tune-Up