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Reach More Customers With Your Customized Strategic Action Plan

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Reach More Customers With Your Customized Local Search Action Plan

Google My Business

We will get a list of all claimed, unclaimed, duplicate, and problematic Google listing for your business. We’ll correct and fix any problems and ensure that you have only one Google listing and we perfectly optimized your profile to exacting specs.


We are recognized as world leading experts in directory work. We analyze your listings on the 87 most important sites in the local search ecosystem.  If not present we add your business information to these high authority directories.


We’ll identify the top review sites in your industry, and prepare a report of your reputation status across each of these sites compared to your top ranking competitors. 


Your website structure, content, and optimization can have a significant impact on your local search rankings. We’ll look at your site to identify specific technical, optimization, and content issues, then tell you how we are going to  fix these 8 key areas.


To rank well in local search, you need quality links pointing to your website. We can help with that!

Get Your Audit

Know exactly what needs addressed to attract more customer to your business.

Audit Starting at just $695.00 and a

Directory Audit Report is just $125.00

Comprehensive Audit Report

Search Engines rely on many factors to PageRank a website.  Not sure where to start with local SEO?  Get BroadMoar's comprehensive online audit report.  We will identify all optimization opportunities, and provide a specific strategic action plan outlining the steps we need to take to improve your local search performance and visibility.  Additionally, we provide a clear, actionable, prioritized list of recommendations to help improve.

     - Get a Customized Action Plan

     - Increase Your Local Search Rankings

     - Drive More Local Business

     - Improve Online Reputation

Directory Audit Report

Many times, we don't need a comprehensive audit report we just need an Audit showing your existing directories where your business is listed.  Having your business listed in the Top-200 Directories is one of the most important foundation services to make your company visibile to people searching for your business online.  Google recommends at least the Top-100 for very localized businesses and Top-200 plus industry directories for all others.

That's why we offer a low-cost alternative.  Directory Audit Report is just $125.00

The audit report examines the KEY SEO/SEM factors which affect your ability to rank high in search engines (e.g. Google).  We review each factor and then display the findings in a set of easy to read tables.  The audit is divided into 6 sections and each has a clear explanation these factors.  

Audit Objective: Is to pinpoint the issues that your business faces to improve your SEO Ranking.  BroadMoar will create a strategic plan to take the corrective steps to improve your search engine ranking that increases your ability to be found by more customers.

Competitor Benchmark: The audit also provides a snapshot competitor report so we can compare your situation to your main ‘search’ competitors.  These businesses may not be who your consider to be your competitor but Google does!  If you want to appear before them in the search engines we will create a strategic plan to get you there.

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Sample Report

The Comprehensive Audit Report cost in insignificant compared to the cost of not having it!

Order your

Comprehensive Audit

Comprehensive Audit Report

Our Methods are Simple!


Exceptional results don’t happen by accident, of course not.  We are constantly evaluating the process, in order to see if everything is working as planned or if we need to make minor adjustments.  We re-run the comprehensive audit tool to measure ongoing results.

Measure Results


Here is where ideas are converted into actions.  Our vested interest in the implementation process lead us to achieve the desired results.




We identify the tools, resources, and other processes needed that best serve the strategic plan. We also layout the method of communication between the team and the client.



Start with a snapshot of your business's online presence.  Which includes local search and organic search rankings on keywords and against your top competitors.  If your business is an off-line or Brick & Mortar location we start with a 2-day Profit Tune-Up.

Strategic Plan


We put together the best course of action tailored to your business's needs.  Our architect-like approach generates a strategic blueprint of steps and KPI's that will serve as the framework for the project.

We provide an end-to-end solution: from analysis to

implementation and everything in between, we’ve got you covered!






Important Note: Did your know that only 10-15% of all businesses challenges come from on-line or are technology related.  This means 85-90% of business related challenges do not require technology.... BroadMoar Consulting Advisors are highly trained to discuss 100% of challenges business owners face. 

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Directory Audit Report