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Do you need Ninja Tactics to Get Exposure for Your Business FAST?

One of the best way to get Backlinks is getting links from Google Itself.  Google or Map Doc Siloing was tested by our agency and has become very successful as an authority from Google and ranking higher in Organic and Local Search Results especially in Google 3-packs.

How It All Works:

We create all Properties and properly optimize those properties for your preferred keywords and then we interlink them together to get maximum benefit and boost in ranking.  These properties along with keywords are created for your particular industry and market area.

List of Properties We Build for each Business:

     •     Public Folder

     •     Document

     •     Sheet

     •     Slides

     •     Mymap (Custom Map)

     •     Drawing

     •     Form

     •     G-Site 

     •     Blogspot Blog

     •     Posting an article (You must provide and article or we will get content from website)

     •     Embed Youtube Video (You must provide or we can create you a video for your business)

All properties are properly optimized, interlinked and embeded to stack maximum authority and higher ranking.

     •     Helps Boost the Google My Business Map Listing and Improves Site Ranking

     •     100% Manual “White Hat” Link Building

     •     All Manual Build

     •     Google Loves this because it is using Google Properties in the linking strategy

What are You Waiting for!

If you don't your competitor will!

Google Map Strategy is so Simple but Very Effective

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A  Powerful Way to

Get Your Business Exposure, Introducing Google Map Strategy;

it gives you the unfair advantage

in Local Search over your competition!

A Powerful Way to Get Your

Maximum Exposure is to combine Backlink Strategy with Google Map Strategy & Syndication Network Strategy for the 1-2-3 Punch - to Knock-Out the Competition!

Google Map Strategy