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BroadMoar MasterMind Series


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Latest Series

Our MasterMind Workshops include services that apply to most all industries.

We have specific workshops on Construction Trades, Real Estate,

Retail, Restaurant & Hospitality Industries.

Strategic Branding Workshop - $35,000

Creating a Brand & Messaging is Mission Critical. We literally draft your Marketing Story, Messaging and Slogan. Your brand is not your logo, it's the story you convey to turn prospects into raving fans and customers.

Strategic Marketing BluePrint - $7,500

The Strategic Marketing BluePrint Workshop is done at your business location or off-site. We literally blueprint your strategic marketing plan over these 2 days. Then we put a plan in place to monitor and review KPI monthly.

Business Profit Tune-Up

2-day business profit tune-up is a low investment high valued on-site workshop. Prior to the visit we identify the challenge we want to focus on during the session. We may can fix the issue or design a plan to fix the issue, including resources needed and time frame.

Social Media Strategy Workshop

Social Media is not an option in today’s business landscape. Our 2 day workshop helps businesses develop a comprehensive social media strategy. This workshop is offered in South Carolina.

MasterMind Strategy Call - $780/Year

Join Bobby Richardson, former Apple Marketing Executive, for his monthly MasterMind Class. A new topic is discussed each month. Why Join a MasterMind?

MasterMind Strategic Call - $600

This is a strategic session 1-2 hour call with Bobby Richardson and he will "MasterMind" with you on issues facing your business to finds a potential solution.

"Reaction Marketing" Call - $550

This "Reaction Marketing" 90 minute session will "TEACH" you how to apply incredible proven reaction marketing techniques to your business and get customers coming back.

Introductory Assessment Call

This assessment call will help you learn how BroadMoar can best help you with your business processes. We outline products and services that may be applied to fix issues you might be facing.

Restaurant Assessment Call

Free call with one of our restaurant experts about services, workshops and products available from BroadMoar. We outline products and services that may be applied to fix issues you might be facing.


Happy Clients

“As I've learned about Broadmoar and its approach over the last few months, I am amazed at the level of expertise and creativity they offer to improve the market presence and revenue for its clients.

They are providing a groundbreaking service that no one else seems to be doing...and they get results! Bobby Richardson is truly and expert in this field."

-R Rodrigues

“I learned about BroadMoar Consulting from hearing their CEO, Bobby Richardson speaking at a Google Business Expo. I found his understanding of marketing to be one of the most refreshing perspectives.

I hired his company to help us with several challenges we have faced and I am so glad I did. Having a fresh set of eyes on our business; Bobby and his team showed us ways to overcome our challenges and grow like we never thought possible..”

-Goce V.

“I cannot say enough good things about Bobby Richardson at BroadMoar, his consultative approach in advising me is very creative and inspiring.

As a CEO of a Restaurant chain I would highly recommend Bobby and BroadMoar to anyone. They have literally saved my company so much, over 1M in annualized cost. Thanks, guys!”

-William Walker


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