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Cost Savings


Location Services


Start-up Services


     •     Process Efficiencies

     •     Food Cost Savings

     •     Identify areas for immediate improvement

     •     Increase Operational Savings

     •     Growth Planning

     •     Site Selection

     •     Lease Renewal - Rent Reduction

     •     Lease proposal and Negotiation

     •     Business Plans

     •     Feasibility Studies/Plans

     •     Menu Engineering (Can effect revenue by 20%)

     •     Concept Planning, Budgeting

     •     Recipe Design and Creation

Operation & Teaching


Brand Development


Culinary & Bar Development


     •     Team Development

     •     Manager and Staff Dynamics

     •     GM Role in Marketing

     •     Teaching Verse Training

     •     Process/Procedure Manual Development

     •     Restaurant Branding

     •     Building a Customer Service Brand

     •     Increasing Profit not just revenue

     •     Marketing Plan Development

     •     Profitable Menu Creation

     •     Creating Menus that work

     •     Smart Product Sourcing

     •     Bar Management & Planning

     •     Learning industry "Best Practices"

Human Resources

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Marketing & Advertising

Marketing Restaurants

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     •     Employee Development

     •     Staffing

     •     Recruitment Practices & Retention

     •     Employee Manual Development

     •     Developing a Marketing Platform

     •     Reputation Management

     •     4 Walls Marketing (Fighting for your Success)

     •     Marketing Verse Advertising

     •     Reaction Marketing

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Chef Training
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Menu engineering

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Hospitality Consulting Services

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Hospitality / Food & Beverage

Even in a bad economy restaurants and bars still seem to be packed - but not all of them... If this is you, BroadMoar Restaurant Series can help you.  Traditional marketing does not make sense in this industry because the cost has increased while food cost and demand for lower cost entrees.  Our experts can teach you how to market your business for less, get new customers, get them coming back more often, and be getting them to spend more on their visit.

Our Restaurant/Bar/Hospitality marketing services can help you to:

◉  Restaurant Series - "Fighting for Your Success"

◉  Success Tactics - Grow your Restaurant 44%

◉  Retention Management "Hiring Practices"

◉  Server Excellence Can drive revenue by 44%

◉  Coffeehouse Tactics

Our restaurant and bar advisors specialize in Restaurant Mechanics Optimization or RMO™.  RMO System teaches owners and managers the first critical part on how to attract new customers using new marketing methods.  And then we "TEACH"  your staff and other key employees on the final 2 parts of the 3 Part System. We show them how they can affect the money they earn by helping you implement the final two parts of the revenue model.  

You see bringing in new first time customers is the responsibility of ownership and or management, traditionally it has been through advertising methods but have you been doing it successfully and with good ROI?

     #1 A system for new customers acquisition

     #2 A system to bring customers back more often

     #3 A system for getting the customer to spend more each visit

Our cost-effective process  delivers immediate impact that enables owners, managers, and staff to improve and grow their business while still meeting day-to-day needs.

What we do...

BroadMoar’s Restaurant & Bar Consulting was specifically created for small restaurant chains, independent operators, franchisees and start-ups lacking the time and in-house operations, real estate, marketing, and menu development resources to build their businesses.

Our passion for food inspires every aspect of our restaurant services. Our team is composed of restaurant experts with 85+ years successfully helping franchisees and existing and restaurant start-ups through concept development, restaurant design, financial modeling, menu development, restaurant turn-around, marketing, and business operations —all the way from concept through grand opening. We help shape our clients’ visions and celebrate their successes!

Grow your Restaurant Revenue up to 34% in 8 Weeks!

Restaurant Success Series

Bobby Grant's Restaurant Consulting


Professional Restaurant Series