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We have increased listing by 38.2%

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Listings that use VIDEOS will generate a massive 403% more inquires

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◉  Listing Tactics with "AOR"- Grow your listings by 34%

◉  Video Listing Generate 403% more traffic

◉  Customer Service (Can affect your revenue by 12-24%)

◉  "Market Different" Branding your Real Estate Firm

◉  Dominate your Market Online Workshop for Agents

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Agents come into the real estate business wanting to build a career.  And while their intentions are sincere, their actions tell a different story.

Like every working adult they also need income and the typical agent REALLY wants to make a sale NOW.

They are being bombarded by industry ads that boast "get high quality leads that close this month!”

So called, Real estate "coaches" are training them to find out if prospects are buying in the next 60 days!

Any prospect out of this 60 day window... you need to kick to the curb!", the coaches say, by doing that you are loosing many sales every single year.

Learn the part you are COMPLETELY MISSING..

Home Buying is NOT AN EVENT...


Here's how we can help!

     - Real Estate Agents and Firms "Local Market Domination"

     - High Quality Commercials of Homes  can get 403% more interest in your listings

     - Firm Branding "Dominate your AOR in 24-36 Months"

     - Geo - Target Advertising Placement (Cuts PPC spend by up to 50%)

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