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BroadMoar’s Business Consulting was specifically created for small retail chains, independent operators, franchisees and start-ups lacking the time and in-house operations, real estate, marketing, and resources to build their businesses.  One chain store above we increased their sales, overnight, by over 6M quarterly.  How can we help you?

At BroadMoar we have a passion for every aspect of the retail business.  Our retail team is composed of consultants with 125+ years successfully helping existing and aspiring business owners through almost all retail business operations —all the way from customer service through improving the bottom line. We help our clients’ have a healthy profitable retail business!  Increase Sales Overnight... and Margins...


Increase Retail Revenue, overnight!

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At BroadMoar, we offer a range of retail services:  Cost Savings, Real Estate Location Service, Startup Services, Operations, Customer Service, Human Resources, Training, Video Production,  as well as Sales and Marketing. BroadMoar is based in South Carolina and Las Vegas, however, we travel to most locations or have consultants in your market; please ask about our services even if you're out of this markets.

If you're unsure if we offer a particular service - just ask us!  We may not offer it but we will certainly point you to someone who can help you.

Remember.... it does not cost for an informational conversation.

Within our first conversation, we can find out about your business and the areas of consulting that you need help with.  We guarantee that you will walk away from our meeting having learned something new to help you, whether you choose to hire us for our consulting services or not.

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Retail Services

In today's economy of online sales, the traditional retailer is having to adapt to the ever-changing landscape.  The first reaction of almost all retailers is to cut cost and cut prices, that is the wrong approach, we need to change your mindset and teach you a technique to increase your sales revenue per ticket as well as increase your margins.  Our retail experts can help you with problems you face just ask us!  

Our retail services can help you to:

◉  Increase your retail revenue by 14.7%, Overnight

◉  Increase Margins and per ticket revenue

◉  Retention Management "Hiring Practices"

◉  Retail Sales Floor Training Workshops (customized for each client)

◉  Sales & Marketing

◉  Video Production Services

◉  Much, much More...

Retail Consulting Services