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XML Site Mapping Service

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Get Your Website Listed In All Major Search Engines

Don't wait for search engines to find your website among the billions of others trying to attract their attention. Lead them to your websites with industry standard XML Sitemap files.

BroadMoar’s Web Tools will create you a custom sitemap for your website. We will give you an XML Sitemap file that tells search engines all about your website including which pages to index, how often to come back for fresh, new content, and how important each page on your website is. It takes the hassle out of submitting your website to search engines by automatically notifying major search engines when your XML Sitemap file has changed.  Best of all, we give you important submission feedback such as the top keywords your website will appear for within their index and who is linking to your website.

Help search engines with their job so they can attract more visitors to your website!

This works with Google,  Yahoo, Bing and search!

Key Features

     ● Helps you quickly get your website listed in all major search engine

     ● XML Sitemaps are compatible with Yahoo, Bing, and in addition to Google

     ● Crawls your entire website automatically collecting all links

     ● Properly splits up large sitemaps and creates a sitemap-index file

     ● We let you know if there are any problems with certain pages or broken links that can affect your search engine rankings

     ● Powerful filters auto set extended web page details helping search engines crawl your website

     ● Fully supports robot.txt files so only the files you want to be indexed by search engines will be added to your XML Sitemap file

     ● Helps search engines properly crawl your dynamic pages including blogs and content management systems

     ● More up to date search results for your potential visitors and customers

     ● Publishes your XML Sitemap in the correct location on your FTP server

     ● We notify Google and other major search engines when you make a change to your site

     ● Automatically strip certain variables, such as PHP session ids, so duplicate pages do not get added

Key Points

     ● We can quickly submit your site to all search engines

     ● Instantly get important site feedback from search engines

     ● We can Fix any SEO problems with your site

     ● We can work with any website platform

We will update you sitemap 12 times per year and notify all the major search engines to the changes in your website.

We deliver!

Email us to learn how you can improve your search results.

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