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Chamber of Commerce

Stop Chasing Members to Renewal Each Year

Wouldn’t it be nice if members paid their Chamber dues expeditiously each year?

As a past president of a local chamber, doing membership drives was far worse than having a root canal.

I learned as a Chamber president we were doing it all wrong with respect to our mindset of how we interacted with business owners. Chambers are about commerce and our job as the Chamber is to drive commerce to your members, right! I would have to say 99% of Chambers do not understand this simple mindset and that why it’s like pulling teeth to get members to renew, because you show them no value.

Our proven System called GROWTH-Local is all about creating value for your members. The value must be far greater than the cost of membership or it’s simply not a good business decision.

Let’s talk mindset of a business owner.  If I charge a business owner $600 for a service, the owner would want to know they are getting a far greater return than the $600 fee. That’s the mindset you need to have and at BroadMoar Consulting, we help you create the tremendous value you bring to your members…it’s that simple. Order our workshop and we will “TEACH” you to “Think, Work and Market Different”.

We see an increase in membership by 15% - 24% and over a 90% renewal without bugging them.

Chamber Workshop

Tuition for the 1-Day Chamber Workshop: $2,500. We also have a 4 Workshop special that lowers your cost to $1,500

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Unless you don't mind chasing your members to renew every single year...