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I worked with a private University that was struggling to design a "Marketing Strategy" to attract more new students...with little or no forethought.

The team understood one thing - they needed to communicate to their target audience, potential students, on sites they frequented. Awesome start!

So, the team just started posting with very little success. The reason behind this failure was that the team was not listening to what the students had to say or what was currentlytrending. They were shooting at a moving target in the dark. By listening to other school’s approach to this it helped us to see what was working for others.

Listening was their biggest problem! I gave them a homework assignment over the weekend. They returned on a Monday with a different "Mindset" and started to think like a student and not a marketer.

Needless to say, this paradigm shift in mindset helped us achieve our goals using the strategies outlined in our overall marketing blueprint.

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When spending money on services to grow your business online, you need a way to track the progress, regardless if you hire someone to do the work or you are doing the work yourself. AMP is that Solution.

RepMARK by BroadMoar is the most complete and robust managed service for reputation on the market. RepMARK Manages, Builds, and Markets your reputation.

The Strategic Marketing BluePrint Workshop is held at your business location or off-site. We literally blueprint your strategic marketing plan over these 2 to 3 days. Then we put a plan in place to monitor and review KPIs monthly.