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Convenience Store Marketing Services

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Powerful techniques to increase your Profits and to

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Attract more Pay-at-the-Pump customers to come inside your store...

At BroadMoar, we offer a range of retail and convenience store related services including: Increase Store revenue, Low-cost effective marketing services, Getting more Pay-at-the-Pump Customers into your store and much more... BroadMoar is based in South Carolina and Las Vegas, however, we travel to most locations or have consultants in your market; please ask about our marketing services even if you're out of this markets.

In our first conversation, we can find out about your business and the areas of consulting where you need help. We guarantee that you will walk away from our meeting having learned something new to help you, whether you choose to hire us for our consulting services or not.

Convenience Stores are showing no sign of slowing down in popularity with consumers, so the new store designs are designed for increased customer experience...good is no longer good enough you need to be exceptional in your layout, products, and services and all this is meant to help fine-tune the experience associated with fast service stores.

Aside from being outfitted with a new kind of lighting system that's bright yet soothing, the newly designed stores have to be outfitted with newly enhanced beverage stations. The store is inviting from the exterior and helps guide customers through the store via strategically designed floor patterns and aisles to allow it to be navigated with little thought. But it is designed for increased profitability in mind.

The checkout counters in the new store designs need to be centrally located and less cluttered than before and focus on increase impulse items when shoppers go to pay for their items.

Convenience Store Services

Even in a bad economy, everyone needs fuel and c-stores still seem to be packed - but not all of them... If this is you, BroadMoar's C-Store Consulting Services can help grow and increase revenue and profits.

Increased competition and more customers paying at the pump has cut into the c-stores sales revenue. Our experts can teach you how to market your business to increase revenue, add new innovative services, and have an unfair advantage over the competition.

Our C-Store services can help you to:

◉ Increase Store Revenue and Margins

◉ Poor Customer Service can cost your business over 20%

◉ Learn to Hire the Right Person that will not cost your business

◉ Custom Staff Training Services

◉ Drive Pay-at-the-Pump Customers inside the store

◉ Drive more "NEW CUSTOMERS" in your store

◉ Customer Loyalty Reward Programs

◉ Rewards Mobile Application Design and Deployment

Also, did you know that hiring the wrong person can cost you a minimum of 9% to the bottom line.

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