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Are you looking to open or already have a COFFEE HOUSE

We can save you $1,000's monthly!

Our passion for coffee inspires every aspect of our coffee-house and restaurant consulting services. Our team is composed of Coffee & Beverage industry consultants with 38+ years successfully helping existing and aspiring coffee-house owners through concept development, location design, financial modeling, menu development, process turn-around, and business operations —all the way from concept through grand opening. We help shape our clients’ visions and celebrate their successes!

Marketing & Promotions: Did you know that it cost between $40-$70 to get a customer in your door if you are using radio, TV, or print media?  Did you also know if a customer has a good experience in your business there is only a 30% chance they will return for a second visit?  Did you know that if you can bring them back for a 2nd visit there is less than a 50% chance they will come again; but if you can get them for a 3rd visit you increase your odds to over 70% chance they will be back again and again.  What if I can show you how to do that for about $10 per customer for all three visits?  How would that affect your bottom line?

Add a Professional Coffeehouse Bar to your Current Business: We are helping small business owners, restaurants, theaters, concession businesses, and hospitality to add a dedicated Coffeehouse into their current business model.  This can be a leased offering or an owner owned new incremental stream of income.  Are you ready for us to help you?