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At BroadMoar, we offer a range construction consulting related services:  Increase PSF revenue, low-cost effective marketing services, get more clients hiring you for custom homes ... and much more.  BroadMoar is based in South Carolina and Las Vegas, however, we travel to most locations or have consultants in your market; please ask about our marketing services even if you're out of this markets.

Within our first conversation, we can find out about your business and the areas of consulting that you need help with.  We guarantee that you will walk away from our meeting having learned something new to help you, whether you choose to hire us for our consulting services or not.

Construction Consulting Services

Construction in America is not showing any sign of slowing down with home buyers,  these buyers are looking for more than the mundane building designs and materials that have become the status quo in this industry.

Many builders are looking to "Brand" themselves "Different" to attract higher-end clients, create more profit per project and grow their construction business.  At BroadMoar we help construction companies to Re-invent themselves and create a unique UVP, Unique Value Proposition, to achieve these goals not only to just grow but to dominate their marketplace.  Builder's today need to offer an exceptional UVP with incredible designs,  offering new technology and energy-saving materials.  With BroadMoar's consulting service we help builders to create an incredible home buyer's experience...good is no longer good enough,  you need to be exceptional in your designs, products, technology, and marketing and all this is meant to help ah incredible home buyer's experience.

If you are looking to Dominate your market place and literally have qualified custom home buyers seek you out.  This will allow your construction company stand-out and be the only company one would want to build their home.

If this is you, BroadMoar's Construction Consulting Services can help you grow and re-invent your companies brand.

The issues in the construction industry are that everyone one seems to just be building the same mundane stick built homes.  Your company can join them compete on price per square foot, our you can learn the secrets in marketing your construction company to stand-out and be the premier company to build those exceptional homes where price is not the overwhelming factor.

Have a conversation with a BroadMoar Advisor and learn how we can teach you to make an impact in your industry. (See the Reaction Marketing Story - No longer on Price)

Our construction consulting services can help you to:

◉  Create an Incredible Marketing program to "Re-Invent your Image"

◉  Increase Project Revenue and Margins

◉  Poor Customer Service can cost your business over 20%

◉  Custom Staff Training Services

◉  New Designs and Technology will increase Customer Satisfaction.

◉  Drive more "NEW CUSTOMERS" hiring you for new custom contract homes

◉  Customer Loyalty Reward Programs for Home Buyers

◉  Mobile Application Design and Deployment

Most home buyer's look at just the initial cost of the home, there is much more than to market than just price... if you sell on price per square foot... you have already lost the battle. Ask us How!


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