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"Fighting for Your Restaurant's Success"

A Workshop that's all about "Teaching"


Change Your Mindset to "Fight For Your Success"

Growing Business' REVENUE you need a System with Three Critical Components

#1 A System to Attract New Customers

#2 A System to Get those Customers Coming Back

#3 A System to Get those Customer Buying More on each visit

We created that SYSTEM!

Our experts created Restaurant Mechanics Optimization or RMO™.

RMO System teaches owners and managers the first critical part on how to attract new customers using new marketing methods. And then we "TEACH" your staff and other key employees on the final 2 parts of the 3 Part System. We show them how they can affect the money they earn by helping you implement the final two parts of the revenue model.

You see bringing in new first time customers is the responsibility of ownership and or management, traditionally it has been through advertising methods but have you been doing it successfully and with good ROI?

We will teach you and change your mindset to grow revenue...

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Spending ad dollars wisely!

Let me share some realistic facts about advertising:

Traditional Advertising (Radio, TV, and Print) cost between $40 - $70 to attract a single new customer.

If your new customer comes in for their 1st visit and has a great experience they are only 30% likely to return!

If you get that customer to come back for a 2nd visit and again has a great experience they are still only about 40% likely to return!

Get that customer back for a 3rd visit and has a great experience the numbers go to over 70% likely to return!

You see you are now in their routine...

Using traditional advertising that can be an very expensive method, if you do not track ROI.

(Oh, by the way, you pay in advance for this advertising before the customer comes into your business)  

The Right Marketing and Promotions are essential!

If you know where and how to direct them for MAXIMUM ROI

With our system you only pay when the customer comes into dine; oh, they will not come alone!

Studies have show 79% of the time they bring 1 to 3 additional people.

We teach you our system that would bring the customers in for all three visits for about $25

(You only pay when the customer comes in not in advance like traditional advertising).

This strategy has and can save you thousands on your advertising monthly.

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can help you grow your restaurant's revenue