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People love to go on vacation and as the baby-boomers are hitting retirement age they are seeking something different; really something exceptional... is your resort or property hitting the mark?  In today's environment, people expect more for their money.  Today, good is no longer good enough you need to become exceptional in all aspects.  I can help you do that with "Reaction Marketing".

Reaction Marketing” is not Marketing by Reactions…  I am big on Marketing but after you learn about "Reaction Marketing" your thoughts on marketing will never be the same again.

My name is Bobby Richardson, as a former Apple Marketing Executive, I have spent over 30 years working for and with many iconic companies like Apple Computer, Google, Nordstrom, Disney, The Cheesecake Factory, The Ritz Carlton, Coca-Cola and many others…I observed these companies over my 30+ years and realized they are the best at creating “GREAT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES /REACTIONS”.

It's all about getting more new customers, getting the customers to come back more often, getting them to spend more with you during their visit.  And one more important thing is to give you a well deserved exceptional 5 Star Review.

At BroadMoar we help hospitality companies to "Market Different" and create a unique UVP, Unique Value Proposition, to achieve these goals not only to just grow your business but to Dominate their Marketplace.

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Even in a bad economy people still go on vacation but the demand for more has never been greater...  Is your property booked year round?  Would you like to have more guests, have them come back more often, and spend more on each visit?  Who wouldn't!

The issues in the hospitality industry is that everyone seems to offer the same mundane resort offerings.  Property owners need to learn how to adopt reaction dynamics to add offerings that create incredible reactions that allow you to grow to enjoy higher margins and greater customer satisfaction.

Our hospitality consulting services can help you to:

◉  Create an Incredible Marketing Strategy:

     - Increase Value of Bookings

     - Increase More Profitable Service Offerings

     - Become the destination place in your market

◉  Poor Customer Service can cost your business over 20% monthly.

◉  Custom Staff Training Services

◉  New Designs and Technology will increase Customer Satisfaction.

◉  Drive more "NEW CUSTOMERS"

◉  Customer Loyalty Reward Programs

◉  Mobile Application Design and Deployment

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Hotels and Resorts need to be Exceptional to Dominate their Marketplace... Just ask us how!

Is Your Property getting the "Customer Reaction" you NEED or WANT?

Learn how to "Dominate your Marketplace"

and create an exceptional "CUSTOMER REACTION"!

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