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"Server Excellence"

Let us teach you to earn more than double

most server staff...

Module 400: "Server Excellence"

Invest in your FUTURE... "Server Excellence" earn more now!

Most Servers approach their server job ... like they did yesterday expecting something different...

Albert Einstein called that "INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

You see most servers dread getting up and going to work and just think it's a stepping stone for something better, right!  That's the wrong attitude to have.  Even if it is stepping stone, would you not want to earn the maximum while working? We have servers that make over six figures in establishments and most make at least 2 times more income with our certification.  We will change your mindset so you will look forward and approach your server position differently...just give us 2 days.

Let me ask you a simple question, what the job description of a server?  "It is to bring the customer back again"  It is just that simple you want to be the server that is the ultimate professional.

Our experts have taught many, owners and General Managers how to “Fight for the Success” as owners and now our experts will teach you the important steps in developing handling and growing your server business.  Yes, your business!  You need to think of yourself as a business owner that has to fill your station 100% of the time for your entire shift.

We will teach you how to get the customers, bring them back more often, and how to get them to spend more money - creating a better reaction for them will earn you massively more income.

Who Should take the Workshop?

This certification workshop is geared towards careers oriented people seeking to better themselves and earn more... Why do I keep harping on earning more, if I was a restaurant owner I would want people working that want more money and understand that making them more money makes the owner more's very simple.

We’ve researched, prepared and presented this course to over 200 restauranteurs and thousands if staff members... When you are ready to get "Server Certified", email us at .

Benjamin Franklin:  "If you do tomorrow what you did today, you will get tomorrow what you got today."

We will teach you to have a different mindset to grow your patron base and have them coming back more often and demanding to be in your station...

This workshop will teach you how to become an in-demand server with our certification restaurants will be looking to bring you on because they understand our servers will increase their revenue...which makes you a real asset verse just another server.

Workshop Locations

Las Vegas, NV

Myrtle Beach, SC

Workshops are limited to 12 students. We offer this 2 day emersive boot-camp workshop... or the 4 hour server basics.

Placement assistance available.

Investment in your Future:

$695.00 2-day Bootcamp

$295.00 4-hour Basics

Earn more, upgrade your SERVICE AND INCOME now!

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