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What We Do

1) We teach you how to attract more patrons

2) We teach you how to get them back again and again

3) We teach you how to get your patron to buy more on each visit

Bobby Grant's Restaurant & Hospitality Workshops

"Fighting for your Success"

We are experts at restaurant marketing services and have taught many, Owners and General Managers how to “Fight for Your Success”. Our restaurant and bar experts specialize in Restaurant Mechanics Optimization or RMO™, RMO teaches the owner and staff how to work together to optimize the three most critical areas in any restaurant. Owners and GM may need to have the staff attend "Server Excellence" or"Success Tactics" to teach them the RMO portions of the process.

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"Success Tactics"

Your staff wants one thing; more money in their pocket. This workshop will teach your staff on how their actions, words, and mindset affects their money they make in their business. Yes, I said their business. If you approach the staff members form an employee mindset and help them to understand that they are in business to make money via the opportunity given them.

By changing their mindset on how they approach their business they will become a better staff member.

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Server Excellence

If you are a server seeking how to better yourself as a server then you need this workshop. As a graduate of the course you will be in high-demand and make 2x or more... we will "teach" you become exceptional.

Even if it is stepping stone, would you not want to earn the maximum while working?

We have servers that make over six figures in establishments. We will change your mindset so you will look forward and approach your server position differently...just give us 2 days.

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Hospitality Services

People love to go on vacation and as the baby-boomers are hitting retirement age they are seeking something different; really something exceptional... is your resort or property hitting the mark? In today's environment, people expect more for their money. Today, good is no longer good enough you need to become exceptional in all aspects. I can help you do that with "Reaction Marketing".

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Reputation Marketing System

This is a turn-key reputation system. Our Reputation Marketing System, Manages, Builds, Market your reputation, and provides you "real-time" feedback on results. We also build you a training areas for your staff

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Hiring Tactics

Learn everything you need to know about staff selection in this webinar! Making the wrong hiring decision means throwing away a substantial investment of time, energy, and money on recruitment, training, and benefits.

This fundamentals seminar is your ticket to make the right hiring decisions and contribute more to your company's bottom line. Also if you hire the wrong type of person it can cost you over 30% in lost revenue, that you will never see again.

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Coffeehouse Services

Our passion for coffee inspires every aspect of our coffee-house and restaurant consulting services.

Our team is composed of Coffee & Beverage industry consultants with 38+ years successfully helping existing and aspiring coffee-house owners through concept development, location design, financial modeling, menu development, process turn-around, and business operations —all the way from concept through grand opening.

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Restaurant Consulting Services

These Offline BroadMoar Services can advise you on any of these services with cost-savings for your business.