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Reaction Marketing

"Success Tactics"

Restaurant Owners, General Managers, & Managers

Let us teach you to think different...

and Increase your Revenue.

Teaching you how the words and actions you use can affect your Profits!

We Live and Die by the words we use and by the experiences we create for customers and staff alike.  

"Reaction Marketing" we created by Bobby Richardson. Bobby created thise from years of working with iconic companies like Disney, The Ritz Carlton, FedEx, The Cheesecake Factory, Apple Computer and others...  You see these companies stand apart from other within their industry and it was not by accident.  It was planned and implemented on the front line.

Now Bobby Richardson has taken these techniques and created "Reaction Marketing" Tactics for restaurants, bars and the hospitality industry.

Benjamin Franklin Stated:  "If you do tomorrow what you did today, you will get tomorrow what you got today."

Your staff wants one thing; more money in their pocket.  This workshop will teach your staff on how their actions, words, and mindset affects their money they make in their business.  Yes, I said their business.  If you approach the staff members changing the employee mindset and help them to understand that they are in business to make money via the opportunity given them.  By changing their mindset on how they approach their business they will become a better staff member.

And this workshop you teach them the proper mindet to approach customer differently, with the words they use and the 4 principal mechanics taught in this workshop.

Albert Einstein Stated:  "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Since we have show this course can affect you revenue by over 28% what other technique or methods can do that?

What are you waiting on?  Call Now!

We will teach your staff a different mindset to grow sales by customer and by day part.  This has generated up to a 44% increase in sales revenue for several hundred restaurants nationwide ...

Workshop Locations

Las Vegas, NV

Myrtle Beach, SC

Workshops are limited to 12 students.

Investment in your Future:

$595.00 1-day Workshop

Earn more for your store.

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