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Inspired from over 30 years of working with these incredible & iconic companies and others...

Reaction Marketing

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As a business owner, you need to understand that you LIVE and DIE by the REACTIONS & ATTITUDES of your employees…and the reactions and attitudes you create for your customers.  I will teach you how to manage these REACTIONS better so you can attain far better results in your business and change your entire professional life and your personal life as well!

“Reaction Marketing” is not Marketing by Reactions…  I am big on Marketing Different, once you learn about "Reaction Marketing" your thoughts on marketing will never be the same again.

My name is Bobby Richardson, as a former Apple Marketing Executive, I have spent over 30 years working for and with many iconic companies like Apple Computer, Google, Nordstrom, Disney, The Cheesecake Factory, The Ritz Carlton, Coca-Cola and many others…I observed these companies over my 30 years and realized they are the best at creating “GREAT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES”.

"Experiences" are not by created accident but by DESIGN.

So, by understanding how "REACTION MARKETING” can be applied adopted to your business model you will experience incredible results.

What can "REACTION MARKETING" really do for your business!  

Here is little piece on the "REACTION MARKETING™” workshop...

Let me show you how!  I want you to think about when someone pays you a compliment, what emotion or reaction does it provoke?

Let’s say you notice a woman’s watch and you say “great watch”.   What happens?  Usually, the person stands up straight and feels better about themselves and they thank you.  The truth is I may not have really looked closely at the watch,  but the fact they are wearing the watch (it is special to them)

The point is,  you want to make someone smile; you can do it every single time.  All you need to do is do something or say something to make them smile or will make them proud.  You see creating pride will also create a smile.

With this knowledge, you have the power to positively affect your customers reactions every single time.

When you make your customer feel better in your place they want to come back…!  All because you choose to make it happen.

Learn more about "Reaction Marketing" the and four dynamics needed to accelerate you to “Market Different”

Dominate Your Market

Changing how you will think about Marketing FOREVER!